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Raigatta Energy Inc. is the Canadian distributor of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines manufactured by Oy Windside Production Ltd. of Finland.

Windside turbines feature:

  1. Productivity in extreme climatic conditions (i.e., ice, snow, high winds, low winds, heat)
  2. Production starts at the very low wind speeds of 2.0 m/s – 3.8 m/s (metres per second) (depending on the model and electrical configuration) and continues to very high wind speeds (40 m/s – 60 m/s depending on the model).
  3. At least 50% greater productivity than propellers of equivalent swept area per year.
  4. The Windside is least affected by turbulent wind and reacts immediately to changes in wind speed and direction.
  5. The Windside has a very wide and gentle efficiency curve across the wind speed range from very low wind speeds to very high wind speeds
  6. The Windside is designed and built mainly for the charging of battery banks
  7. Effectively silent. Records less than 2dB at 2 metres from the turbine vanes
  8. Remains a visible solid object even at high wind speeds and is, therefore, bird and bat friendly
  9. Aesthetically pleasing
  10. ‘Cool’ wind art designs
  11. Excellent craftsmanship and durability with an available 10 year limited warranty
  12. Very low maintenance

Windside Wind Turbines can be used wherever electricity is needed. If there is no grid or supply is unreliable or where emergency power is required independent of the grid.

Windside Wind Turbines have been in operation in the professional market for 25 years and are currently used in the extreme climates of Antarctica, The Sahara Desert and the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There is no compromise. Windside VAWT meet all the requirements.

Windside Wind Turbines send signals, pump water, provide heat, light and, ventilation. They provide electrical power for devices in the remotest and harshest of environments. 

Please note that Windside turbines are not designed, built or intended for the residential marketplace.


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